Picture Frames: Episode 3

Picture Frame ep3

In this final episode, we explore the different techniques that can be used when decorating the picture frames. Paul shows a variety of methods that are used to create a cove, a bead, an inlay and how to cut a moulding using a moulding plane. You can then utilise these techniques to make various picture frames and layer them to create the whatever effect you wish to achieve.

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Picture Frames: Episode 2

Picture Frame episode 2

In this episode, Paul cuts and fits dovetailed splines in each corner which strengthen the mitre. Then it’s time to glue up the corners, making sure they are nice and tight. There are a few step to follow to make sure there is no discrepancy, so that everything lines up when you come to the final corners. That’s your basic frame finished!

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Picture Frames: Project Info

Learn what it takes to make picture frame by hand that have crisp mitres and splined corners. Paul shows how to make everything from a basic frame to a stacked frame using a number of different techniques.

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Picture Frames: Episode 1

The first step in making the basic picture frame is working out the sizing based on your picture and glass. Once that is done Paul shows a couple of options for using a rebate plane to rebate the frame. There will be other methods for those who don’t have a rebate plane in later episodes, or watch the ‘Making a Rebate Plane’ video. Then it is time to use the mitre box and shooting board to get accurate and crisp mitred corners.

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