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Tool Cabinet

Wall Hung Tool Cabinet – episode 5

With the carcass complete, Paul starts on the divider panel. First he marks the crossmember to length and cuts the mortice and tenon, chopping out the central section and ensuring there are no gaps on the outside. He also does the initial layout of the recess for the divider.

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Wall Hung Tool Cabinet – episode 4

The dovetails are all cut, so it’s time to check they all go together. With that done Paul decides on the orientation of the cabinet so that he can start the layout of the frame which will divide off the space for the drawers. He talks through the features of the panel and lays out the housing dadoes that he then cuts into the main carcass.

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Wall Hung Tool Cabinet – episode 3

It’s time to layout the pins. Paul uses a knife on this sapele to ensure accuracy, then uses the cutting gauge for the depth mark. From there he cuts the tail recesses out with the dovetail saw and chisel, being careful not to move the knife wall. Once cut, Paul eases the inside corners and fits the dovetails, which is first of the three corners done.

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Wall Hung Tool Cabinet – episode 2

With the stock prepped, Paul shows a pattern he has developed for making accurate, repeatable dovetails on a project that is so consistent that they are interchangeable. It provides a way of getting evenly sized and spaced dovetails. He then cuts his dovetails using the backer piece and uses a cutting gauge and chisel to mark and remove the pin recesses.

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Wall Hung Tool Cabinet – episode 1

Paul introduces the latest project including some of the material options. He then goes through some of the considerations when looking at stock. Then it’s time to prepare the stock for the project using various techniques to work the reverse grain with a couple of planes and scrapers.

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Wall Hung Tool Cabinet: Project Info

Have you been getting your workspace in order and want somewhere close at hand to keep your tools organised? What better place to store your carefully restored tools than a tool cabinet. Paul goes through the construction methods used including the techniques he’s developed to cut interchangeable dovetail corners that has never been shown before, as well as panel making, shelf, door and drawer fitting.

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