Reply To: Saw jointing and teeth reshaping.. i’m frustradted

Larry Geib

The first step in filing saw teeth is to use a flat file to ‘top’ all the teeth to the same height and there is a small flat on the top of each tooth. Then file the teeth until the flats disappear. That will assure even teeth.
It’s not necessary to remove the set. If fact doing that can work harden the teeth and break them off.

Paul has hours of video on WWC and on YouTube on the correct sharpening steps, all the way from freshening up a saw to an entire retooth job.

A good one to start with is here:

It’ s long. Have a snack and you favorite beverage handy.
Write the steps down so you don’t forget any.

The google “ Paul sellers saw sharpening “ and you’ll probably get a couple hours worth of video.
Do the same with saw setting, too.

Search in the wwmc and common woodworking sites, and probably the Paul sellers blog as well. He’s got lots of great stuff on saws.