Reply To: Saw jointing and teeth reshaping.. i’m frustradted


Many thanks : youre messages are great teaching to me . i saw all the video of Paul sharpenings saw. I’d like to discuss a pot Paul did some months ago about rehabbing a badly sharpened tenon saw. Teeth were in so bad shape i thought he would have filed out them and recut new ones; he simply reshaped with a triangular file and claimed it simple work done in half an hour:

I’d gave up here. What did Paul?

1) one file stroke and one only on each gullet. What is its meaning? i dont know.
2)Look ate the gullets: if they are even it means saw is a good candidate to restore well
3) jointing the teeth with 10″ flat file with fine cut.
4)Reshaping-spacing teeth begins. Paul directs much pressure against the larger flats sayng that larger teeth have to be filed from the back gullet and from the front gullet , iat the contrary more uneveness will appear

Four file-strokes for each gullets did the job.

another golden trick is added on comments: he says that giant teeth are to be taken care before other teeths.. so no matter gullets depth . no matter file strokes count: what it really matteres are the flats on the teeeth ( to be filed accordingly to instrucions).
Am i wrong?