Reply To: Saw jointing and teeth reshaping.. i’m frustradted


I better say what I mean by, “skate.” When I cut, I somewhat unweight the saw and gently rub at the far side of my layout line until I’ve gotten a couple teeth exactly where I want them next to the line _and_ I’ve established my arm motion. At this point, I drop the heel of the saw. Especially on wider cuts, when I drop the heel of he saw to make contact with the layout line (especially longer ones), I want the saw to immediately enter the wood along its length. I don’t want it to take two or three passes dropping the heel more as I go or waiting for the saw to enter the line and I don’t want dropping the heel to cause the nose to jump and chatter out of the cut. Failing in this way is what I mean by skating. Saws that are reasonably called sharp (at the tooth level) can do this (bad) thing. For me, this is the Holy Grail of sharpening. One of Paul’s class saws did this better than any of his others and he sharpened all of them, so it is a bit elusive. I coveted that saw.