Reply To: Share your experience with bandsaws

Colin Scowen

Next bandsaw question. I had to replace a broken casting that held the trunnion in place. So now I will have to reset the position of the table. I will put a blade in the saw, set the blade so that it is tracking on the center of the top wheel. Am I right in thinking that to now be able to align the miter slot to the blade, I would plane a piece to fit snugly to the miter slot, then put a piece of ply against the snugly fitting piece, and in contact with the blade, mark the point the blade touches the ply, parallel that line down the board and then make a cut, and see if the saw cuts along the line, or veers away from the line? Or does anyone know a different way?
I do not have any of the fences or accessories with this saw, I will be making my own, but I need the table to be aligned first.

Colin, Czech Rep.