Reply To: Woodworking Apron

Larry Geib

Rockler has a turning apron for about $40 which has full front coverage around the neck with no junk protruding in the front and nylon buckles in the back.

But you might Find better luck looking in Welding supplies, which often have high, tight collar, zip-front welding smocks for about $20. has some Black stallion cotón welding smocks for as low as $16.55 on sale.

Turning supply places sometime have elbow length turning smocks for as low as $30..( turning smocks often cost twice that. )
The high, tight fitting collars keep the shaving on the outside.

Even though some say you shouldn’t wear long sleeves while turning, my prefence is the full coverage welders model which protect the lower arms from splinters ( and welding sparks.) but you can always cut and hem the sleeves and learn a new trade. 😋