Reply To: Stanley side rebate plane No. 79 blades sharpening

Antonio Santos

You may be right, I could be spiraling and confusing myself even more.
I cut a piece of card with the same dimensions as the blade, with an angle of 60º, and with this angle it is perfect on the planer.
My question is whether the back of the blade protrudes enough for the blade to actually cut.

I don’t have a grinding whell, only diamond stones, but I think I will file the tips of the blades, to be quicker.

But since at the moment the angles of the blades are not aligned with the planer, shouldn’t I use the Paul Sellers method to correct and find the correct angle?
And why is the bed where the blades sit in an angle, and not parallel to the sole of the plane…? This way, only one side of the blade will cut, and not the full width, right (pic in attach)