Reply To: File & Rasps question

Chris Ward

I recently got one of the shinto rasps that Mr Sellers has used on several projects (e.g. the floor lamps) to try and found that they work really well. With both a coarse and more medium side you can get a long way with it. As to their longevity I cannot attest but they do a reasonable job of removing wood for shaping. i must add that I do also own two aurio rasps, and no surprises here, they are superior (If you follow up use of a shinto rasp with a flat file you can get a nice finish). But Auriou rasps are, as you are aware, $100+ whereas the shinto rasp is around $30. I found the shinto ones at woodcraft ( in the US), but as always your ever friendly Amazon carry hem as well.
Hope that helps.


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