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First of all thank you (and the others 😀 ) The thing wioth the flexibility is actually a bit of a problem. I tried using spray on varnisch, but ist was kind of brittle and felt wierd. The problem with wax i think is the application, since i cannot put pressure oin the shavings 😀 thats why i used oil so far, The Idea with water based finishes i something i havnt looked into yet. Maby there is some flexible easy to applie finish.
Tha lamp is the hole thing. But its with white LEDs so not really warm 🙂

Tanks again

You could also try dissolving the wax in e.g. turpentine or mineral spirits (this goes faster with a bit of heat, e.g. in a glass in hot water) and then apply it with a brush. The solvent will evaporate and leave the wax on the wood. And maybe for polishing a soft cloth or one of those polishing mops is soft enough so they don’t break the shavings…?