Reply To: File & Rasps question

Mike Zeller

I have been looking in to rasps and files lately – other than the hand stitched pieces most everything else seems pretty inferior. These modern companies shift manufacture as fast as I can change my shoes so it’s defintely difficult to keep up with their quality control. The three companies I have been researching are also recommended by Mr. Paul Sellers. The first is a Portugese company called Tome Feteira, they make machine and hand stitched tools. The second is the often mentioned Bahco – I am having good luck with their saw sharpening files. And lastly, the Czech company Narex also makes rasps, files and a host of other fairly decent woodworking tools like chisels. Out of these, three Mr. Sellers seems to be very happy in recommending the Tome and Bahco files and rasps along with the Shinto saw rasp. Hope this helps – trying to swing this hobby on a budget gets tougher by the week but thankfully we have Paul to help guide us with common sense and an eye on all our pocketbooks!