Reply To: Calling all turners: question on acceptable degree of runout

Matt Mahan

Thanks Larry and YrHenSaer – great advice. Very happy to know about the paper joint as I’d not seen that. I have a 4-jaw chuck for spigot turning (that’s actually where I saw the runout first because the chuck really exaggerates it) but I truly may just be over-obsessing. I can turn a fair knob etc off of that, and should be able to do a bowl as well, or using the faceplate. Larry that’s not an adapter – it’s a neat little drive center from OneWay that I really like (they may call it a safety driver, but mine is slightly modified a la the instructional videos from Alan Lacer). Basically it has much less kick when you mess up as compared to a spur driver. But, the tiny runout is evident with my spur as well (although less so).

Although I cleaned the MT way back, I went ahead and ran a bit of mineral spirits in there and am telling myself it made a difference mostly to feel better 🙂 thanks both!