Reply To: Premium bandsaw

George Scales

I bought a new Delta 14″ 30 years ago. I have tried the “cool blocks” as guides in reswing. My saw has never performed as I wished. A sharp blade is a must or drift is uncontrolable. I have squared the table to the blade. Tomorrow I plan to change the tires…… still has the original ones. I will also change blades. Last week I took a look at the motor and discovered it was only 3/4 horse. So I bought a new 2.5 horse motor, installed it and was overwhelmed at how it smoothly it went through a scrap of 3 inch red oak. I am in hopes that the new tires will improve the tracking. I have the Carter bearings in for several years and like them very much.

I am going to all this trouble because I did not want to spring for a new one and because, if successful it getting to rip satisfactory, I will sell my table saw. I am moving more and more toward hand tool only woodworking (that is why I am here on Paul’s site.) The quiet in the shop and less dust are a true delight to the working experience. I am in my late 70’s and peace and quiet coupled with the satisfaction of the “hand made” experience are a nurturing atmosphere for me. Any advise on the bandsaw set up would be appreciated.