Reply To: Turning without a lathe.

Julio T.

Well, I don’t have noticed anything on my drill yet. It’s a “budget drill”, bought in a super-store 21 years ago, made in China of course, but it is behaving like a amazing sturdy drill. It has a power of 810 W, and continues working as the first day, without noise, vibration or loosenes. In fact, I use it for anything except drilling: shaking paint, as a grinder, with the brass circular brush when derusting an old tool (this has been its principal use in these 20 years)… everything except drilling. Now its working like a lathe-motor.

I suppose that if I use enough time as a lathe it will wear due to side pressure, but that has been the reason for not buying a lathe: I only need one very from time to time, so it won’t work hardly in this task. About your question, I haven’t seen comments about this, but I haven’t done an exhaustive searching either, that’s the true. Perhaps this task will be the one wich make this drill grow old.