Reply To: Thickness of card scrapers


The denatured alcohol is pretty much witchcraft. I don’t remember why I tried it and cannot prove it helps, but it seems it might. Just use a light wipe. You don’t want the wood to be truly wet and soggy.

I know Paul says the cap iron is not a chip breaker, but I’ve watched detailed videos from experiments done in Japan and am convinced by them that the cap iron does act as a chip breaker and find that pushing it as far forward as I dare helps. It does make the plane harder to push, though, so be prepared to lubricate the sole.

Another trick with complicated grain is to plane across the grain instead of with it to get close to dimension and then go with the grain as little as possible with very fine shavings. Of course, be very careful with spelching. If there are knots, this won’t help much, of course.

Or, the heck with it all, and just grab the cabinet scraper, especially when it seems that’s where you’re going to end up in the end anyway!!