Reply To: A question about bandsaw blade thickness.

Julio T.

The bandsaw is Lombarte HBS 355C. As you say, it is a medium-size saw, with 14 in wheels and a cutting capacity of 345 mm wide x 235 mm height. It can use blades from 1/4″ to 1″ and have 6 roller bearings to guide the blade.

I’ve tried to find a manual of this machine searching in the web, but I haven’t found any. I’ve read two reasonably complete books about bandsaws and about how to adjust them, specially after changing the blade, and watched some videos on this subject, specially Paul’s videos. I’m habituated to adjust machines due to my job an I’m pretty sure that this machine won’t be a problem for me.

The doubt is on blade thickness. I suppose that 0.05 mm of diference in thickness is negligible, but all I’ve read come to say that thicker blades are for big wheel-machines, due to tension generated on lesser-diameter wheels, so I’m not sure about if a blade of 0.65 mm thickness can be adequate over a 0.5 or 0.6 mm one on a carbon steel blade.

Thank you again.