Reply To: From tree to planks

Joost Borst

Thanks for the suggestions. I havent considerd splitting at all, Ill look into it. Unfortuantally I wont be there when they take it down cause I have to go to work.

Regarding the size, I usually only make small stuff cause thats what my workmate can handle, dont have the space for a propper workbench.
Length of the tree is around 2m so just about fits in the car.

I’m planning on trying to atleast make two of the serving trays with alternating wood for my mother in law and my grandmother in law(is that a thing?).

The whole endevour is basicly one big experiment and having fun doing it, if nothing usefull comes from the tree Ill just return it in pieces as firewood together with a bag of shavings to start the fire. My father in law loves his fire place 😉