Reply To: Plane problems

John Wright

I found that I had done exactly what Sven-Olof mentioned in his reply.
I did what everyone suggested, worked the edge of the chip breaker and polished it. Then made sure the iron was sharp, and yes I did check for a burr and made sure it was removed. I only used paper this time as the iron was still sharp so just a few strokes on 1000 and 1500 paper then polish on the strop. I also cleaned up the mouth with a file, then put everything back together making sure the chip breaker was about 2-3mm back from the edge of the iron.
It now works like a plane should. In fact I now have a pile of shavings on the floor that need to be put in the compost bin. Thanks everyone, it is a pure joy to work with a hand tool that performs as it should and a lot more satisfying working with had tools vs my power tools.