Reply To: Buying wood in Gwynedd?

Steve Gahan

Shwmae, Steve, croeso.

I’m not sure what there is in Gwynedd or the North-Wales A55 strip in the way of hard-wood suppliers, but builders merchants and the various DIY sheds are to be avoided – the offerings are usually expensive, poorly sorted and unsuited to quality work.

Your nearest best-bet, I suppose is to make an occasional trip into England, the Chester or Liverpool areas to stock up where you may find more specialised suppliers, but it will need some research and ringing around to see what stock is available from time to time.
There are some suppliers of hardwood on line, but when you factor in delivery charges, it can get very expensive and can never compare with selecting your own.
I’m in Ceredigion and I have an informal arrangement with a local maker who buys hardwoods wholesale and adds my occasional stock to his orders….. you may try to seek a similar arrangement on Ynys Mon.

Good Luck.

Yr hen saer thanks for the reply. I will keep on the hunt and broaden my outlook a bit further afield.

I know this is not exactly what you are after, but maybe contact local fire brigade, arborists and tree surgeons, in case there are any logs left from the trees that blew over in the last few storms. Or they may at least be able to tell you where those logs went. Maybe put a want ad in a local newspaper offering to remove logs etc, stressing that you will be using them for woodwork, not firewood. You won’t necessarily be able to use it straight away, and it may not be the right size for a particular project, but it will be good to practice on.

Thanks Colin. I wouldn’t know what to do with a log at the moment. But something to keep in mind for when I do in the future.