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Colin Scowen

I decided to make a couple more of my dovetail marking aids. Pictures attached. I have to make a small box tomorrow, so I will post some pictures of it in action as well.
They are all made from one long fence slat from my local Obi, so the thickness and width are consistent.
In use I may have them at either side of a wider board, or just use one, with the other one used (with a bit of leftover from the main work piece) to stop my vise from racking.
The one with the fence can be useful if you are working on joining two pieces of different widths (say a cabinet with a door that sits underneath the top and bottom). The one without the fence is useful if you are doing drawers with a groove in the bottom for the drawer bottom, as you can use a scrap of the drawer bottom material (or something that is the same thickness as the groove is wide) to help keep everything aligned.
If you leave out the block in the inside corner, then you can find even more uses for them, depending on how your bench is set up and how you work.

Colin, Czech Rep.

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