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Not silly at all. There are three things I should have picked up on.

First, the viscosity was wrong. It was too watery. Your Old Brown Glue is going to be so viscous at room temp that it won’t be pourable. When heated, it will flow easily, but have a definite thickness to it. My funky glue was just plain watery, and it wasn’t because of dilution.

Second, the smell was wrong. There is a very gamey smell to good animal hide glue. (Not sure what adjective to use there.) My glue smelled more like urine. There can be a bit of that smell in decent glue, but this stuff was off the scale wrong. I think OBG has urea added to it, so don’t be too concerned with yours if it has a bit of this smell to it, especially since I’m guessing you have a fresh bottle. There should be a date on the bottle, and you can store it in the fridge to extend the life. I’ve used OBG and it didn’t smell as urine-like as my dead glue.

Third, I didn’t test it for stickiness. I put a small drop of hot glue onto my thumb and then press my index finger into it. Opening and closing the thumb and finger should lead to the development of fine strings of glue between the fingers and an unquestionable degree of tackiness. When I went back to test my glue after the fact, there was no tackiness, no strings.

This isn’t really a test, but one thing this dead glue did was to stain my wood (pine) as if I had applied amber dye.

This is the first time I’ve had glue fail, so lesson learned. I may even be a bit more cautious about old PVA glue now, to be honest, although with no reason, admittedly.

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