Reply To: From tree to planks

Joost Borst

I forgot to post back on the result.

Tree went down easy enough, got a trunk of about 2m with a diameter of around 15cm.
There was a kink at the top of the trunk so I cut that off into its own smaller piece.

Sawn the small piece in planks straight through with a handsaw (not recommended, took me 15-20 min. per cut.

For the main trunk I borrowed a reciprocating saw that made the job alot easier even tough it kept jamming cause of the trees size. At the end of the trunk I got fed up with sawing so I split the last 30cm with some pine wedges I made. Unfortunately the grain goes of in a wrong direction, so the rest will have to be done with a saw.

On the large trunk I tried some quarter sawing. So I hope that turns out good.
Its hardwork but I had fun doing it and still have to do one half of the larger trunk.

It looks to be not much but atleast some decent looking wood.

I added some pictures from halfway through the process.