Reply To: Raising questions on raised panels

Craig Alderson

Thanks, Colin, this is helpful. Yes, it’s easy enough to use a gauge block to fit the panel on one side, but my worry was about the side opposite. You could use a gauge block for that opposite side as well, but you can plane the bevel to sink the panel edge to any depth in that opposite groove. There’s only one point at which the panel will be snug for the rail length you have. If you don’t plane enough, the panel won’t sink as far into the groove, which means you can’t close up the frame joint. If you plane too much, the panel will sink further into the groove, but then it will be thinner than you need for that length of rail, and thus will be loose. You could sink the panel to the bottom of the groove on both sides, which would eliminate the guesswork, but then of course there’s no room for wood movement. It seems like the only way to hit that right spot is to assemble and disassemble the frame every time to test, and that’s a pain. Craig