Reply To: Resawing and cup

Harvey Kimsey

Ed, this is a really interesting topic. It’s one of the reasons wood is such a frustrating material to work with. The cupping, I believe can be due to the moisture in the wood responding to your resawing and due to tension in the wood. I recently tried to resaw some mahogany and the resulting board bowed at least an inch or so, making the wood almost useless for what I was doing. That was clearly the result of tension.

My first inclination is you should just joint one face roughly. You don’t need it perfect for a good resaw but you don’t want any twist either, then joint one edge square to the first face. You might have to resaw off a thicker board to account for any new wood movement, in which case you might not get 2 equally thick pieces out of the board.

In my experience, really dry open grain wood like oak and ash do well resawing. Maybe really well-seasoned pine and black cherry also do well.

I’m interested in what other readers say.