Reply To: Restoring a wooden rebate plane

Andrew Sinclair

Hey Julio, really sorry to hear about your fall, hope you make a swift recovery and can get back to woodworking soon.

Really interesting about the Holm Oak used by Spanish planemakers! I guess they leave it to season well in oversized blanks before making the planes. Good for repeat business if they don’t last forever 😉 I’ve wondered if the very long life of quality hand tools was a negative for the makers – people never need to replace the tools!

I refurbished my skew rebate plane this week – pic attached. It’s so much lighter to use than my Stanley 78, really nice. The skew pulls it into the corner of the rebate, and also makes the lovely shavings come out cleanly to the side.

I had to plane the sides and base flat as it was so worn from use – a good sign that it was a useful and much-used tool. Attached is an image of the rebates I made with it last night, for a picture frame. It really is a pleasure to use such a plane, highly recommended.

Regards, Andrew