Reply To: keeping the bandsaw blade clean

Colin Scowen

I have a second hand band saw, 20 or so years old, only had the large port on the back for dust extraction, so doesn’t fit with my Dyson / cyclone system. I am currently building an auxiliary table for it, and I decided that rather than use a single piece for the table, I would use two full size pieces, and have some smaller pieces sandwiched between them. This allows me to also mount a dust extraction nozzle in to the back of the table, in line with the blade. The inner layer sets a channel between the hole for the blade, and the hole for the dust adapter. The (hopefully) attached picture should help to visualise it. The sandwiched table comes out of the cauls today, then I need to mount the front and rear bracing and the dust adapter. Should be ready for a test run by the weekend.

Colin, Czech Rep.