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I’m like that too when it comes to tools lol  SWMBO gave up on me years ago, but drew the line when I suggested my tool kit had it’s own room 😀


I do like Pfeil and AI chisels 🙂

I used to have a nice set of marples box wood handled bevel edged chisels, but somebody stole them 🙁  I then moved onto using blue handled Stanley 5002’s ( I couldn’t justify the cost of black handled 5001’s with fully polished blades) and they’re still going strong after over 30 yrs.  I also have a set of 5002 firmer chisels from the same time period and a number of Marples and Sorby mortise chisels, along with a full set of bevel edged Marples split proof chisels (Transparent red and amber handles).

Then there’s my carving chisels, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, bit braces, bits and planes, but that’s a whole other set of threads 😀

My granddad used to have a set of Stanley 720’s which I did enjoy using, but one of my younger brothers nabbed them 🙁  What are LN’s socket chisels like to use?

I’ve heard good things about Narex offerings my friend 🙂