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Hi Jesper,

I’d pursue Ken’s suggestions and more probably buy Ashley Iles chisels than any other brand.  This is primarily because I’ve tried and like them, but I’d not rule other makers out of the equation.  I would however take plenty of time to finalise a decision and this is basically because I would rather make the right decision for myself after gathering as much information as possible.

I also like the feel and heft of Faithfull bench chisels too and agree they share the feel of both Marples Blue Chip and Stanley 5002’s.  I own examples from the early 70’s by both original makers.

Links provided regarding Maker and Model mentioned and not necessarily recommended retailers.

New Marples Blue Chip

Stanley 5002


Marples Splitproof


All of the above are good chisels, although Marples Blue Chip and Stanley 5002 do not equal the quality of their older counterparts.  My current everyday users are Marples splitproof chisels, primarily due to the nature of the grip and how they fit my arthritic hands.  I’ll be looking at re-handling my user planes sometime in the near future due to the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis and in the hope I can continue woodworking for as long as possible. 🙂