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Nice thread guys!
After reading all posts I have found so much similarity with my situation but I guess that is also reason why we all are here. I’m working in Telco industry, mobile part in particular dealing mostly with projects and processes (Jon, is this sound familiar to you ;-)). I started with woodworking two years ago mostly with power tools and machines and with intention to build some furniture I was missing. But that way of working didn’t differ much from my job, you are always constructing jigs and constantly in high attention mode because of real danger that comes when working with machines. I was at point of giving up on whole thing when I stumbled on Paul DVD’s and that change game for me.
I’m started to slowly collect hand tools and I’m still bad at using it but I’m now relaxed and enjoying all the time. Joining this course will hopefully help me in establishing sound basic skills and the way Paul is teaching is giving me high hopes on fulfilment of this goal. So for me making projects is on second place (not saying that is not important) but watching and learning about skills and techniques is my primary goal.
And, also very important, I think that community here looks very promising with real positive attitude and desire to help
So far this looks like beginning of wonderful journey…

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