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I’ve been lurking for three weeks – time to post something.

I’ve liked woodworking since school, but haven’t had a workbench, many tools or the time to undertake any serious projects. Twelve months ago I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Paul’s Part 1 course in Penrhyn Castle with my youngest son. We  enjoyed working on the opposite sides of a bench, both of us learning many new skills. I also came to appreciate the importance of keeping tools sharpened.

Since then I have been buying a few tools (a lot – according to my wife!), reading Paul’s blogs and book, watching Youtube videos on woodworking and practising sharpening my plane, chisels and saws.

I was getting tired of planing scraps of wood on the study floor so last month I bought wood to make a workbench, following Paul’s instructions. I have laminated the tops, aprons and legs and yesterday I practised chopping a 4″ mortice in a piece of scrap before risking it on the proper legs.

My goals are to continue to practice and improve my woodworking skills, finish the workbench, and make a shooting board and other projects in these Masterclasses. I also will try to persuade my wife and three sons to come to work with me in the garage – the bench is big enough and I am quickly getting more tools than are needed by one person!  One day I would also like to try my hand at woodturning.

Thank you all for your comments.