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I’m also detecting a pattern in my errors when planing the edges of boards.

The end and sometimes also the first 2-4 inches looses material faster if I don’t pay close attention. My remedy at the moment is trying to adjust the pressure from front to rear tote as I move along the edge. I also find it helpful to draw a straight line on the face about 3mm (1/8″) from the edge. That makes it much easier to see any tendency and correct it early on.

Second observation is that I’m always low on the left side of the edge. I have to check my progress after 2-3 shavings with the square. If I just plane away the edge quickly dives to the left.

Two questions in regard to my description above:

1. How much pressure should be applied onto the plane when squaring a board? Just a light touch or my entire upperbody weight?

2. How do you ensure that the iron is dead square in the mouth? I first eyeball it when placing the iron, then sight down the sole trying to determine if one side appears first. Next I use small pieces of wood and carefully advance the blade making shure that both sides of the iron makes contact with the wood when moving it back and forth over the mouth.

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