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George Bridgeman

I had some gift vouchers for Classic Hand Tools (UK hand tool dealer – so used some of them to pick up the Lie Nielsen dovetail saw. I’m all for rehabbing vintage saws (and have done a few) but wanted to experience what a top-notch saw feels like to know what is possible to achieve. It’s absolutely phenomenal! It cuts extremely quickly so was very easy to over-shoot my knife lines until I had a better feel for it. This is the thin plate, tapered version. Tried it in pine, oak and beech so far and performs just as well in all three.

I’m now thinking of changing the teeth in one of the old backsaws I have so give them 15 or 16 PPI (the LN is 15 but 16 is easier to cut) and see how they perform now I have a good reference. Got some new saw files on order so will joint and re-file a 10 or 12 inch saw once the files arrive.


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