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Paul Sellers

I first used the LN dovetail saw many years ago and have owned one for many years. It really is a nice saw to use. I think it’s a lifetime saw in that it is built to last and best of all is resharpenable. The Veritas too is great dovetail saw and comes in it a very affordable price. As for handsaws, Veritas has not entered that field as yet and and the LN panel saw seems inconclusive as to matching the Disstons and other early makers but I am sure they will. Taper grinding and skew backs were born to improve direction change in the kerf as you cut. Many modern-day panel saw makers have ignored this important development. I think that as far as panel or handsaws go there are enough in the world to go round for decades yet to come and when you find the right one you will love the oldness of it and keep it as a special saw. Few saws match the Henry Disstons, but I also love what Bob Wenzloff has contributed to the world of handsaws. He has enriched woodworking.