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Rob Young

@Jesper Thorson : I cannot say from memory if the base of the LN is more “solid” or wider than that of the LV. I believe the LN base is shaped very much like late model #71-1/2 but with a thicker, more substantial casting. I believe there are groove in the base for alignment of the fence. The LV base I think was a bit more rectangular.

Both designs had provision for attaching a custom sub-base so really, to me small differences in their size is a moot point. If for example you wished to use the router to trim tenons, you could either place an identically thicknessed piece along side to support the non-reference wing, or you can make an offset base and have the large wing of the base fully supported on your workpiece and not worry about the need for a second support piece of the same thickness.

If you purchase the LV and decide in 6 months you really wanted the LN, sell the LV (or vice versa). These planes hold their value and with a little patience in the sale and negotiation you can be out only about 10% of your purchase price. Think of that as a rental fee.

And with pretty much the same level of patience, you can locate a vintage Stanley/Record as they are very common on the secondary market and either get one with a single cutter (the three cutter kits often vanish to the 4 corners of the world, along with extra socks). Or just order a cutter from Veritas. Heck, Stanley themselves were even selling replacement cutters as recently as last year but I haven’t checked to see if they still have them. The vintage units in good shape, needing only a little TLC go $50 to $75 nearly every day of the week on eBay.