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I’d like to thank Paul for making the time and effort to set all this up. I gave up working with wood a long time ago (20 years) mainly due to the expense and space needed for all the machines needed/recommended by the so called experts.  Just finishing University at 22 years old with student loans, purchasing equipment was not in cards so to speak.   Now I am in a better situation financially and the desire to be creative and work with my hands has resulted in the purchase of Paul’s book and DVDs. I’ve accumulated the basic tools and built myself a workbench, actually two, one is used for assembly/drying, built 1/2 dozen boxes, built several wallclocks for christmas gifts, a shooting board and now am planning a donkey eared shooting board with the plans Gary provided me.  All this in a small 8×10 room, no noise, no dust.  It is refreshing to say the least.

I plan on replacing all my manufactured furniture with my own hand made items and am looking forward to the challenges ahead, with Paul’s guidance of course!

Sincerely, Dave