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Charles Cleland

I have the wall behind my bench set up with a french cleat system, inspired by the Logan Cabinet Shop videos by Bob R. Tools are hung/held by special holders designed for each tool, mostly dowels inserted into a matching piece of french cleat. Appliances (Shooting Board, bench hook with protractor glued to it, etc) are hung by a matching french cleat (with the point planed down for strength) used as a stop for double duty  Fortunately I have a window sill right behind my bench large enough to set my #3, #4, #5, and block plane on , and my #7 came to me with a hanger hole drilled in it already, so it hangs on the window frame above the others.  For saws I built a hanger similar to this, only with pieces of glue stick rather than rubber balls. Works well. All in all I’m pretty happy, but I still need to come up with an efficient solution for storing auger bits. Anyone have a good solution that keeps them accessible?

Washington State, USA
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