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    Proof of the pudding may be in the eating, but I spotted this poorly described Record #04 (Circa late 80’s-90’s) languishing without it’s iron & cap iron on EvilBay with a starting price of 99p and described as being suitable for “spares or repairs”.  With spare irons on hand and a thread like this in mind, I half heartedly placed a 99p bid and within days had won the auction.

    My intention is to clean up the plane, improve the feel of the angular rear handle (Repairing the slight damage to the rear handle and front knob) before re-finishing with stain and Danish oil, fitting a fresh iron & cap iron and show the process involving how to have it up and running with minimal outlay.  The total I paid for the plane was £5.99 and I’d need to invest another £4.00 if I needed to invest in an iron & cap iron combination.

    The initial pictures show the plane’s condition as it arrived.  It has someone’s poor attempt at engraving initials or workplace identifying marks which may or may not disappear as I work on the plane, but it’s removal isn’t a priority.



    Super excited to follow as you go through this process.  Thanks, Gary.

    Just moved to NE Ohio


    Never a problem Eric 🙂  I enjoy projects like this as it’ll hopefully help someone else enhance tools.

    Brent Ingvardsen

    I’m refinishing a Stanley #78. Just finished rejapanning the body and am now working on the fence, depth stop, etc.  I will be starting a 5 1/2 rebuild soon.

    I love to see tools redone and given new life.



    Meridianville, Alabama, USA


    Like to see the finished plane Gary .

    And again i have a question : almost all the planes you have (maybe all) are Recordplanes,

    are they in some way better than Stanley or is it just your preference?

    Lopik - Netherlands

    David Gill

    Nice project Gary

    It is great to have a photo record of a before and after  So satisfying




    Wigan, Lancs. England :


    I enjoy refreshing tired looking tools and bringing them back into working condition. 🙂


    Hi Juryaan,

    95% of my hand planes are by Record, but not because they’re better than older Stanley planes.  I’d say Record produced planes throughout the period 1931 – 1960 capable of equalling those made by Stanley during their Sweetheart period (+/- 10yrs) primarily because Record copied Stanley’s offerings between 1932 – 1937, as well as developing a few designs of their own and inheriting rights to build planes to designs developed by Preston.  IMHO both companies products slid downhill steadily during and after the early 1970’s.

    The reasons I tend to stick with Record;

    1.  Solid professional quality tools.

    2.  I was bought a part set to work with during my apprenticeship and added to it whenever I could afford or needed something.

    3.  I inherited an almost complete set of Record hand planes from my mentor (The man I was apprenticed to) when he retired.

    4.  I’m extremely familiar with their pro’s and con’s.

    5.  Parts are easy to source.


    In addition to the above, I’ve noticed (On EvilBay) that Record hand planes don’t tend to command as high a premium as those by Stanley, in spite of being equal in quality during the period 1932 – early 70’s.




    Thank you David 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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