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    Hi everyone, I’m a total novice to woodworking and this site. Hopefully that is about to change as I am attending a 2 day course with Paul Sellers at Penhryn castle in April. I have started to build my collection of essential tools and have only a few to go now. I recently received Pauls book as a gift and haven’t been able to put it down.  After the course I’m hoping to have enough confidence to have a go at building a workbench. I’m lucky I have a good sized room that opens onto my garden  to convert to a workroom. I work full time too and very erratic shifts so spare time is at a premuim. Any advice would be most welcome and I’ll keep everyone updated once my woodworking journey gets underway. Thanks



    Hi Pat, Welcome buddy. Yeah Pauls book is a great read, if you want any info on members workbench build, there are some great posts here…………https://woodworkingmasterclasses.com/discussions/topic/workbench-progress/


    Ken 🙂


    Pat, welcome and enjoy the journey.  All I can say is tackle that bench project asap 🙂 You won’t believe how important that “tool” is.



    Thanks for your comments I’m just waiting on a couple of tools to arrive then the course and I’ll let everyone know when I’ve started the bench and how I’m getting on. Thanks for the link Ken.

    I said I work erratic hours I’m off to work now



Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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