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    Brian LaShomb

    I just want to mention the M-WTCA for anyone who wants to get some good handtools from good people for a good price in the US. This past weekend was my area’s “Cabin Fever” meet, and I couldn’t believe how many tools were offered. I picked up a Starret 12″ Combination Square for $12, an old Spofford/Fray brace for $18 and a nice single bevel axe for $15. I was also looking for a Stanley 4 1/2, but only found a few. Plenty of 4s though, and all other sorts.

    They publish a newsletter, “The Gristmill”, I think it’s quarterly. Also, they send out a reprint of an old woodworking related book to their members every year. These are typically scanned from a users copy and reproduced. A very nice bonus. Some of these titles are long out of print!

    I met some interesting folks, and I had a blast. I can’t wait for next year already!

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    Thanks for the tip. I’ve  considered joining the M-WTCA, but they do not really seem to serve the west coast. Their web site always shows no meets for our area:

    Area O (AK, AZ, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA, British Columbia) ; Pending notification

    This is not surprising since the association does have “Mid-West” in the name. Out here in SoCal we just have informal independent tool dealers. I get the sense that they prefer to be independent. I would gladly participate in a larger Tool Collector or hand-tool woodworking organization, but nothing like that seems to exist here. Maybe all the good ole’ tools and woodworking history is in the mid-west, or maybe Californian’s long ago threw out their grandfather’s old WW tools and bought car mechanic’s tools instead.

    -Scott Los Angeles


    Area I (KS, OK, TX)
    Pending notification

    That’s too bad.  ….Oh well.

    Texas, USA


    I often look for old tools at http://www.ducotools.eu they have alot of vintage and some new handtools .

    Don’t think it is the cheapest source in Europe,bought a Stanley N0 4 from 1964 for 45 Euro,but i think it is worth looking.

    you can change the language from Dutch to English in the right corner of the site.

    Lopik - Netherlands


    I belong to the M-WTCA as well and it is a great organization. As mentioned you can can find some really nice tools at good prices there as well as meet some very nice people.  I live in Central Florida and our meet is usually in the first part of August held in Maitland which is a suburb of Orlando.



    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

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