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    Julio T.

    Hello all.

    I must travel to NYC. I’ll be there the whole next week. I’ve thought that I could find a good store of woodworking tools, and look for some tools I haven’t yet (diamond stones, for example). Perhaps a good second-hand store where I could find a hand router plane? I’ve looked for in Internet and I’ve found some ones, but if some of you know about a good store, I would thank the information. My free time in this travel won’t be too much, so I could use it in the best way if I had some “go this site” information. I’ve read about the weekend Brooklyn flea market; does anybody know is it a good place where to find nice second hand tools, or it’s like the most in my country (Spain), a junk-mountains place?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi Julio!
    I live/work in New York City. Woodworking is NOT a popular or easy hobby in NYC based on limited access to decent used or new tools. That said, Gramercy Tools – Brooklyn has a great selection of new tools though I’ve never been personally as I find all my second hand tools in thde suburbs at garage sales. I doubt the Brooklyn flea market will be a constructive use of your limited time other than enjoying the experience.
    Good luck!
    I hope you enjoy your visit.

    Cheers from New York City!
    ~~ Spurs forever; forever Spurs ~~

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    David Perrott

    You will not find affordable second hand tools in NYC. Went into a store yesterday that sells nice old pieces and they had moulding planes for $150. However its a good chance to look at furniture

    I would recommend going to the American Wing of the Met Museum to look at furniture. Other areas of the Met have furniture but this is 3 or 4 floors of it. It spans the American styles and in the lower level visual storage you can see the backs of the items and that can be revealing. If you go you can pay what you want. The $25 is suggested. Thomas Moser has a store close to the met that has nice things. http://www.thosmoser.com/

    The Merchant House museum is cool to see a house with its original period furniture.


    If you want new things Tools for working wood sells high quality items. They are in brooklyn. They sale diamond plates. I attended a sharpening class there and he used them.

    Julio T.

    Thanks for answering. Sorry for responding so late.

    At last, I hadn’t enough time for looking for a woodworking tools shop. Instead of that, I could spend some time doing some of the typic turistic visits in the city. I’ve photography as my other hobby, so at least I could took some interesting photos.

    May be the next time.

    Thank you very much anyway.

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