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    David B

    I would love to see Paul do one of those quick videos for a quality marking gauge. I know they aren’t difficult to make (I have made a couple off the top of my head that are perfectly functional but could certainly be better). That said, I think the commercially available ones are way overpriced/small and it would be fun to make one that is of Paul Sellers caliber and I’m pretty sure he has said he has made many. Not sure if the same holds true for a mortising gauge but that would be great too (and probably a bit more complicated). Just seems to me that it would be a relatively quick/simple project to make a “lifetime tool” so I thought I’d throw out the suggestion/request (if he/team read these boards).

    Austin H

    I’d like to see that too!

    Doug Finch

    I’d like to “3rd” this request. It may not be practical to make a mortise gauge, given that you could buy one (in the US) for $30-ish, but I like making my own shop tools – or refurbishing them. It helps me better understand how they work.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of making one with a sliding brass bar retaining the second pin. Maybe I’d do it with wood in a rebate instead?? I like the way the French gauges have the tapered locking pin. My marking gauge has a threaded insert with a bolt that I made a wooden knob for. It works fine but I’m looking to improve. I would love to see what Paul has for this.

    Daniel Willis

    How timely. I was just asking around on another forum about a marking gauge. Maybe he could do a mortising gauge?

    Wayne Niemi

    a panel gauge too, but this would be great.

    Tom Davies

    I think a panel gauge would be a better project. We surely all have marking gauges, and thy are very easy to come by… panel gauges less so.

    Ecky H

    Please count me in for a panel gauge request. 🙂


    Veni, vidi, serravi.

    Münster, Germany

    Daniel Willis

    Cutting gauges would be good as well. Not much difference, maybe he could cover the body of the tool and show us how to put in pines or knives depending…. I’m up for this one. I just purchased one but the pins on the mortising side are not even lengths. I’ll have to look at fettling it but I’d rather build one of Paul’s quality.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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