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    So, I spendt the last 2-3 weeks making a table for my mother. It was my first table, and the first time I have used walnut. I am very pleased with the result. It is made to the same pattern as Paul shows in “How to make a table”, only bigger and lower.

    On my first real projects, a little over a year ago, I managed break two aluminium sach clamps. My joints needed so much force to close up. On this table I hardly used any force at all on the clamps. Just some moderate pounding with the rubber mallet and some claps for good measures.

    A thing that just happened overnight is that I am now able to plane the edge of a board square without really trying. 4 weeks ago I always planed in a twist along the edge. It was square at one end, but out of square at the other. The only difference I am aware of is that I finally managed to relax the hand holding the toe of the plane. Now I can plane the edge, check myself at one point with my square, and be almost certain it is the same all the way.

    I sat down and thought about how much I struggled when squaring stock and planing to dimension a year ago, and how easy it seems now. Planing straight edges, ripping along a line, cross cutting to a knife wall. All of which seemed almost impossible only 12-15 months ago. So to all beginners who are struggling, just put in the hours, and it will get better.




    Kjell (Norway)

    Derek Long

    Nice work, Kjell! Walnut is great to work with, and looks great, too.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Matt Vaughn

    Well done, looks great


    Jim Braun

    I am sure that you mother was pleased to receive such a nice table. I also agree that when we let the tools do the work and relax then the planning and sawing become more accurate.

    Monmouth County, New Jersey

    Mike I

    That table is gorgeous. Well done!

    Ronald Kowalewski


    Protect the line.


    Thanks all of you.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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