A table for my mother

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    So, I spendt the last 2-3 weeks making a table for my mother. It was my first table, and the first time I have used walnut. I am very pleased with the result. It is made to the same pattern as Paul shows in “How to make a table”, only bigger and lower.

    On my first real projects, a little over a year ago, I managed break two aluminium sach clamps. My joints needed so much force to close up. On this table I hardly used any force at all on the clamps. Just some moderate pounding with the rubber mallet and some claps for good measures.

    A thing that just happened overnight is that I am now able to plane the edge of a board square without really trying. 4 weeks ago I always planed in a twist along the edge. It was square at one end, but out of square at the other. The only difference I am aware of is that I finally managed to relax the hand holding the toe of the plane. Now I can plane the edge, check myself at one point with my square, and be almost certain it is the same all the way.

    I sat down and thought about how much I struggled when squaring stock and planing to dimension a year ago, and how easy it seems now. Planing straight edges, ripping along a line, cross cutting to a knife wall. All of which seemed almost impossible only 12-15 months ago. So to all beginners who are struggling, just put in the hours, and it will get better.

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    Kjell (Norway)

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    Derek Long


    Nice work, Kjell! Walnut is great to work with, and looks great, too.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Matt Vaughn


    Well done, looks great


    Jim Braun


    I am sure that you mother was pleased to receive such a nice table. I also agree that when we let the tools do the work and relax then the planning and sawing become more accurate.

    Monmouth County, New Jersey

    Mike I


    That table is gorgeous. Well done!

    Ronald Kowalewski



    Protect the line.



    Thanks all of you.


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