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    I need some advice on a project I’d like to start. It is a small scotch cabinet that I want to be able to hang on a wall. If I dovetail the carcass together, what’s the best way to attach the back?

    The door will be glass, so the back needs to look nice, since it will be seen.

    Any advice would be appreciated



    You could do a stopped rebate or a stopped groove. Not sure how easy that will be but it is an option.

    Another option is to do half blind dovetails. That way you can do a full groove and it wont be seen from the outside.

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    I did build a previous cabinet that was fairly small. I ran a rabbet on the sides that the back sat in so everything was flush. Then I nailed it on. I just want to make sure whatever I build will support some weight, and be durable. Thanks for the advice.



    You may get your answer on the next episode of the “Wall Hung Tool Cabinet”, as Paul just got done assembling the back of the cabinet.

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