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    Mark Ridley


    I am planning to make a kind of tall coffee table (well 2 actually) – and the design I have in mind is to make the legs by joining two pieces of 500*150*25mm at the long edges in a kind of “L” shape.

    Although I am quite new, I do seem to be able to plane something pretty flat, so the easiest option maybe to simply glue them together… maybe adding a pocket screw or two for added strength … as I think this is maybe some kind of heresy, I am trying to think about a more traditional joint(s) for the legs.

    I am not yet confident enough with dovetails, and I am not sure if I want to have dovetails evident even if I can make nice tidy ones.

    Another option could be rebate one piece, and have a housing joint in the other, so they would slide fit and then I glue them …

    I will be making this in Cherry.

    Any ideas gratefully accepted .. as this is actually keeping me awake at night !

    SmokyRick Crawford

    A rebate along each joining edge would allow them to slide against each other for fit, and increase the glue surface for strength.

    In the middle of Northern Illinois, USA

    Peter Fitzpatrick

    An internal glue block will increase the structural strength of the join considerably. It need not extend the full length of the leg; if you don’t want it to be seen you could restrict it to just the top half so that it is shielded from view by the table top when looking down on it.

    As well as increasing your glue surface, it can be screwed more or less invisibly into both pieces of the L of the leg.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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