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    Hello my fellow weavers of wood πŸ™‚

    A couple of weekends ago I was up north at may Parents house, my Dad had mentioned that he had my Granddads vise that I could have if I wanted, “yes of course” I said πŸ™‚ In the end after many boxes rummaged though I ended up with lots and lots of great new (old) Ancestral “Houghton” tools and I am proper chuffed.

    I’ve been meaning to post a few pics of them since I had them all out on my coffee table the night we came back from Yorkshire, but I kept forgetting.

    I figures you fine folk would appreciate how happy I am to finally have a No4 Plane and especially one with such personal history to me.

    Over the last few weeks I’ve sorted out the Plane, not 100% but enough that It works and cuts well and looks cleaner than it was, if not the perfect look I would like!

    We moved into this house just under a month ago so I haven’t had much time to do any real work, I do though have half a 12×10′ shed to use as a workshop (the other half is stuff and bikes (one of my (many….) other passions)). So as soon as I have managed to organise my tools I will be making a start on my ver own Paul Sellers bench πŸ™‚ I can’t wait, although I am going to need to acquire some clamps…

    Anyway here are a few pics of my tool haul and what the plane looks like now after many hours of cleaning.

    Have fun


    PS when I opened all those green tins of bits and bobs it smelled just like my Granddads workshop, it took me back 30 years as I stood their in awe of all the strange stuff, I remember being very impressed with his grinding wheel and all the sparks he could make!

    PPS some of the tools were also my Great Granddads tools too! - Welcome to my randomly scatty brain....


    Just to add the images of the Plane…. - Welcome to my randomly scatty brain....

    Steve Follis

    That’s really nice Simon! Looks like a nice collection, good luck with them, and thanks for sharing.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Tool gloat is the best kind of gloat. πŸ˜‰

    There are many useful tools there. The backsaws, plane, spokeshave, and mallet should all prove to be very useful. Was there a 12″ wood ruler to go with the Stanley No.1 Odd Jobs?

    My grandfather also had a stash of tools, but they were sold at a garage sale many years ago. πŸ™

    -Scott Los Angeles


    Tool gloat is the best kind of gloat.

    What a fantastic way of saying it πŸ™‚

    A ruller, sadly not, but I’ll have a word with my Dad and see if you can dig it out, you never know. There was a rusty metal one, that you can use with it that meant for a slide rule (right terminology? mmmmm), I have the other bit for that too but its missing a bolt, I’m sure I will fine something in one of the many bits and bobs boxes I have!

    Gutted you didn’t get the chance to Inherit your GD’s tools, I really do feel very lucky and I’m sure that my GD would have been happy that I’m following in his footsteps with this Woodworking interest. - Welcome to my randomly scatty brain....

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