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    Finished my oak cutting board, a gift for my wife. Made entirely with hand tools from rough sawn board to final finish. My first breadboard-ends and draw-bore pins ever. Draw-bore pins went just fine – now blowout and pulled it all together nicely. I did have some frustrations along the way because I managed to tilt my plough plane a fraction off vertical on one side. This threw the angle of my mortice off by a fraction as well (although less) and made it very difficult to seat the joint. I did not realise what was wrong until after unsuccessfully trying to fit my tenons to the point where they had become a bit loose. Need to work on my plough plane technique. I though it would be fool proof, but not for this fool apparently. Nevertheless, I learned a lot and I do have a nice sense of accomplishment. I am actually kind of pleased with the results in the end even if the tenons are a bit loose on one side.

    Mark Armstrong

    Well done. 😉 looks a good clean job.
    I know few people have made breadboard have said it is a lot harder project to do than what you think it would be.

    Dagenham, Essex, England

    Greg Merritt

    Good work Magnus. It looks like you managed to pull all the joints up tight in the end. I’ll second Mark’s statement. This is a project that looks deceptively simple. Since there are so few joints any error quickly shows up. You will find out how accurately you are cutting and plowing pretty quickly with this project. That’s what makes it such a great project for gauging your skill development.


    Looks great, love the rustic grain. It is a tougher than it looks.

    Ontario, Canada


    Thanks for comments. Yes, it is deceptively simple. Every cut and angle has to be just right or you end up having to do a lot of fixing afterwards just to make it come together at all. But I did learn a lot, not the least from my mistakes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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