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Any considerations when laminating wood for mortising?

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    Dave C

    I’m looking at starting the workbench project soon, but having a lot of trouble finding any wood locally that’s thick enough for the legs (70mm x 95mm x 875mm are the dimensions from the cut list, but the thickest I can find in the wood I wanted to use was 44mm from a local timber yard).

    If I laminate two thinner pieces together for the legs and then mortise through them, do I need to worry about the tenon breaking apart the laminate?

    Other than looks, is there anything else to consider in general when laminating pieces of wood to make up a thicker piece?



    I like to mortise perpendicular the glue joint. I know that technical a good glue joint is stronger than the wood, but ifglue gives or delaminates with exge the joint womt split a part.

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    harry wheeler

    If you have a choice, make the mortises perpendicular to the glue joint. But as long as you flatten the wood really well and get a nice tight glue line, that joint will never fail regardless of which way the mortise is going. My bench legs consist of three laminated 37mm pieces of southern yellow pine and the leg tressels have through mortises in both directions. It’s virtually indestructable and yours will be too.




    This isn’t quite what you asked, but I’m building a table now and considered laminating the legs, since they will be painted. The legs will be tapered, though, and no matter how I arranged the lamination, there would have been a feather edge, so I rejected laminating and found 16/4 material. There may be more considerations than just the mortise, but for the workbench, it will be fine. Like others said, I’d mortise into the non-laminated face, if possible.


    David B

    Agree with the perpendicular comments. I laminated 2×4’s together for my legs and they work perfectly well.


    Blaine Hill

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    me too. I even laminated some cedar together for PS’s cedar chest. In the future, I think I would buy some clear straight spruce for those, but my work bench has 2×4’s laminated together. It is solid as you could like.

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