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    Dave C

    I have a train commute to/from work, thought it’d be nice to read something woodworking related in some of the trips.

    Any recommendations on magazines?

    I read a few issues of Fine Woodworking, but found it a bit powertool heavy (i.e. most of the projects seemed to assume access to a table saw, band saw, etc.).


    I think your going to find that all the current magazines are geared to machine woodworking. I have allowed most of my subscriptions to expire for that reason. You may consider some books that are hand tool focused.


    I can’t provide a recommendation as I’ve never read it, but there is a new magazine called https://www.mortiseandtenonmag.com/ which might be of interest

    If you peruse them, let us know what you think

    David Perrott

    I Like [email protected] but its more of a book, and only a few times a year. I subscribe to Popular Woodworking and like it. Some times there are power tool stuff but there are many hand tools articles to balance it out. Bob Flexner has a nice column about finishing. Sometimes I look at Fine Woodworking but it seems more power tool focused.

    Larry Geib

    M&T is currently once a year. This year’s issue in on sale HERE

    $24 and worth it.

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    Joe Kaiser

    I third M&To. Well worth the money and a great read

    Seattle, WA

    Dave C

    Thanks for the pointers, have ordered M&T magazine, looking forward to it.

    In the meantime, found this lot ar a boot sale for £2, should keep me going for a while…


    Try Gunterburg project on like or google books. There are quite a lot of vintage books on wood working and crafting and the history there. With what I have learned form WWMC I have been able to follow learn alot about the craft. It is also interesting to see how it has evolved.

    Tuscloosa, Alabama
    Lung T'an Hu Huesh Kung-fu Woodshop

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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