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    Hey guys I’m looking at picking up a new rasp any one have any ideas on which grain size Paul prefers.
    .? All mine are farely course now and though I would like a finer rasp but really have no idea which to go with..?


    I think Paul mentions the cabinet makers set in a few videos, so you can look and see what that set consists of. Im sure he has others too, but If you are looking at hand stitched i have bought from liogier from their factory website and am very hsppy with it. I bought the cabinet makers set and it has a #9 cabinet makers rasp, kind of medium grit. If you wanted finer you could go higher stitch, you can see a display on their website as well to compare to your current ones to give you an idea.

    Ontario, Canada


    I use narex cabinetmaker for the heavy stuff and an ariou 4-in-1 for the finer work. Honestly, the ariou is about all I ever reach for. Even though it is finer it’s really fast.


    So, I am thinking about an Cabinet Auriou 10 inch, Grain 11… any thoughts? I will be using it to shape canes and walking sticks mostly. I am afraid it might be too course but not really sure.

    Matt McGrane

    I have two Auriou cabinetmaker’s rasps, one is grain 7 and the other grain 11. The 7 is the coarser rasp and I think you’ll need a course rasp for shaping the canes. The 11 grain is finer and will not take as much off. I think the 11 grain rasp will take forever to shape the cane, though I’ve not shaped a cane.

    I do wish I had a rasp finer than 11 grain, but those things are darned expensive.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016: http://tinyshopww.blogspot.com/


    Yes, expensive… I did get a Narex that I thought will work great for roughing out. The Auriou I thought would work better for the finer spirals… but – as you say, it is expensive. About $180 from Amazon. Thanks for the information.

    David Perrott

    I watched Chris Schwarz Mastering Hand tools. He uses and shows a “japanese saw rasp” or also called a “shinto rasp”. Its two sided and seems to work great. He recommended to not get the handle for it. Works better with out. After the rasp you can do a final finish with a card scraper. Looks like a nice thing. I didn’t know anything about them


    I have a 9″, 10 grain Auriou. It seems a good balance for general purpose. It removes material at a rate that works for my needs, but also leaves a nice enough finish such that only a bit of scraping or sanding is needed. I have a coarser 8 grain hand stitched rasp of a lesser brand that is also useful. Takes off wood a bit more aggressively, but still leaves things easy to clean up. I’ve just ordered a 14 grain liogier to round things out. For myself, I don’t think I need anything more coarse- if I have that much material to remove I find myself turning to a chisel, saw or spoke shave. That said, I can imagine other types or work or other styles of working where a more coarse rasp cold be the thing.

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