Auriou rasps

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    David Gill

    The making of Auriou rasps I started out thinking Wow they are expensive after watching the video I ended up thinking how can they make them for that price.
    Hope you enjoy the video I certainly did
    Hope above link works I have not added a video link before

    Wigan, Lancs. England :


    Thanks David, great video. You can also copy the link from the browser and just paste it in your post.


    Impressive, still don’t understand why using a semi-random pattern is better than machine continuous pattern. Why are they so much better? Better tempering? Better steel?


    The concept is that you don’t have rows of teeth all engaging at the same time, which would stagger in the cut(potentially). Rather you have a consistent number of teeth engaged at any point in time, instead of jumping from one row to the next. I imagine you could get a similar effect if the machine-cut teeth were not in a straight line, but had a wavy pattern instead.

    Paul Sellers

    I just tried out a Narex rasp and am still in the middle of testing, it costs about one tenth the cost of the Auriou and cuts wood fast but definitely does not have the feel of the Auriou. I want to test out more as I say, but I think that the Auriou is hard to beat!



    The semi-random pattern of a quality hand stitched rasp reminds me of a little computer programming trick called “stochastic sampling” which produces smoother results by randomly offsetting the locations where samples are taken when rendering a 3D graphics image. An inferior result occurs when your sample points are strictly arranged on a grid.

    I find it funny how very disparate aspects of life can have analogous traits.

    -Scott Los Angeles


    Lets not forget about another rasp maker. These are also hand stitched. The name is Liogier ( and this is also a French company.

    These rasps are not cheap but very well made. I own a cabinet maker rasp and it’s lovely.


    Then there are these Austria hand cut rasps that are better price. Has anybody used these?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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